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  • Jennifer Lee, MA, RCC, CCC

    Clinical Counsellor

    I believe that we do not enter this world with the life skills necessary to manage our emotions effectively or to navigate the challenges in life. We often receive the message from society that we should be able to solve our problems alone. I offer an effective approach to build these life-skills that is practical and solution-based. My goal is to provide a safe space for you to explore your sense of self, identity, and connection to others.

    I have a specialization in couples and family counselling and I have my Level 2 Gottman.

  • Shirvin Lee, MA, RCC

    Clinical Counsellor

    Growing up in a traditional Asian family made me feel restricted in expressing my feelings and that having any emotion was a sign of weakness. As a counsellor, I want to help you expand your self-awareness, create change at the pace that you want, and provide you with a space that's comfortable and non-judgemental. I also leverage my degree in science by explaining how your brain and body, like your nervous system, can impact your mental health.

    I have training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

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