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Hello! We're Jennifer Lee and Shirvin Lee.

  • Welcome to Lee Counselling & Associates.

    We are two friends passionate about normalizing mental health support for those from diverse cultural backgrounds. As Registered Clinical Counsellors, we are dedicated to supporting our clients by providing an open, confidential, and non-judgmental space to explore the challenges of life.


    Virtual in Canada (except Quebec)


Areas of Practice

We're here to provide you with support in areas including...

Cultural Awareness

Values, priorities, and beliefs vary between cultures. When cultural differences exist, it can lead to conflict, frustrations, and miscommunication in relationships.

Personal Growth & Development

Transitions are a part of life. These changes challenge our sense of self, values, and beliefs. Counselling provides clients with a space to engage in self-reflection and develop confidence in their identity.

Navigating Social Relationships

Relationships with ourselves, friends, family, and partners all deeply impact mental health. Counselling can help clients set healthy boundaries, implement effective communication skills, and identify attachment styles.

Anixety & Stress

Anxiety is a learned response to certain stimuli in our environment. Treatment for anxiety includes identifying triggers, reducing maladaptive responses, and challenging negative thoughts.

Depression & Low Mood

You might be feeling uninspired and daily tasks can feel difficult. Together, we’ll explore how to increase motivation levels and add fulfillment to your life.

We're here to support you.

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